San diego
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October 1st - 29th, 2021
A first-of-its kind, hybrid startup event!

A month-long, hybrid experience

Like many organizations, COVID-19 made us pivot hard.

Rather than cancel our event due to the pandemic in 2020, we shifted to a month-long, digital experience that could be enjoyed from the comforts of home. With lots of learning under our belt, we have refined the structure and crafted an awesome 2.0 experience!

Same speakers, same community, and everything else we love about Startup Week...and then some!

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Is this event for me?

Ready to join the next big San Diego company?

You have the skills, the drive, and the passion for startup life. You want to connect with San Diego companies hiring right now and learn how you can stand out.

Ready to level up your startup?

You have an amazing idea, the passion to build it, and you're ready to turn your startup into the next unicorn... you just need the right connection, mentor, or partner.

Ready to connect with the right investor?

You’re ready to be in the room with investors and advisors. You want practical, next step advice to get you funded, real-time feedback on your pitch, and tips to make your startup standout.

Ready to sell more to scale?

You know that experience separates the best from average, and you want to learn from the industry experts on improving your inbound and outbound sales, funnel optimizations, and analytics.

Ready to find your dream team?

You have a game-changing product, the systems to scale… but how do you build a team in a virtual world? You’re ready to hire values-aligned top performers who want to scale your startup.

Ready to build your startup's foundation?

Entrepreneurship is for the bold, and you are ready for the challenge. You know you have what it takes, and you want to learn from successful founders about the lessons they wished they knew when they were in your shoes.

If you said yes to any of these...

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How it Works

Get ready for an immersive, state of the art experience all October long! Find out how to join, connect, and get setup so that you don’t miss a moment!

How it works
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Got a question? We have answers! If you are an attendee or speaker, we’ve got answers for some of your most popular questions. Find out how to make the most of your experience right here.