About Startup San Diego

An overview of the largest startup organization in San Diego

Our Elevator Pitch

Startup San Diego is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves as the gateway to the San Diego Startup Ecosystem. We up-skill, guide, and connect our local community to the right ecosystem resources, networks, and support institutions to foster a cohesive and collaborative community.

Our Mission

To connect, educate, and inspire founders and local talent to grow an equitable San Diego startup ecosystem and entrepreneurial community.

The Vision

We envision San Diego as a thriving and inclusive global hub of innovation, producing meaningful and high-growth companies.

Our Values

– Community over all

– Give first!

– Collaborate vs. Compete

Past Startup SD Event in Downtown San Diego

Beyond Startup Month

Startup San Diego hosts a variety of different events throughout the year. These events are meant to gather our community and foster growth within the San Diego Startup Ecosystem. These events can all be found on our main Startup SD website.