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General Event Info

How do I add a session to my calendar?

If you’d like to sync the month’s schedule to your calendar, see Step 2 on our How it Works Page.

What do I need to attend?

Purchase your ticket! You’ll then need to create an account on our events app, Run the World, in order to attend most content experiences. Use the same email address you used to purchase your ticket in eventbrite to create your account and then sign in.

The Startup Month Kick-off, the Inventors & Investors Pitch Competition, the Career Incubator Day, and Startup Month Closing Day will all start in the Run the World Platform!

The Kickoff Party, certain social experiences, and the Closing Party, will take place in VirBELA. You’ll need to download and install VirBELA on your desktop. We recommend setting up your account the day before the event. At minimum about 30 minutes before showtime. See step 4 of the How it Works page. You’ll be able to customize your avatar and explore the immersive world.

Where can I find the live stream link for each event?

Head to the schedule here and click on the session for more details. Then, click the "Video Link" button for that session. This should open Run the World and prompt you to sign-in with your login credentials. You can also go to our Run the World event page in either the web app or mobile app, scroll to the desired session and click “Join.”

Where can I find the schedule?

You can find the schedule for the entire month here. If you’d like to sync the month’s schedule to your calendar, see Step 2 on our How it Works Page.

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Speakers and Sessions

Do I need to use the Template Presentation provided by Startup San Diego?

Yes, the provided branded Presentation Template shared in your onboarding email is required for all general content speakers. Find the direct link here. This does not apply to the 10 Founders pitching during the Investors & Inventors Pitch Competition on October 9th. Please be sure to review Run the World Slides best Practices!

How can I prepare for my talk ahead of time?

Watch the on-demand Startup San Diego speaker training video available here. Don't forget to use the Startup San Diego branded Presentation Template! We also recommend speakers review the Run the World training material below:

Why was my talk not chosen?

Thank you for applying to speak at Startup Month. We received over 400 submissions and had many qualified talks, but we could not select all of them. While community voting was involved to support this years selection process, it was not the only criteria used to inform the final selection. Some factors why a talk may not have been chosen include:

  • The session talk felt more like sales pitch rather than sharing information with the community
  • More than one speaker applied to speak on the topic, and we could only select one
  • The session talk did not align with our event tracks
  • The session talks did not reflect San Diego’s diverse community
  • The submission was vague, incomplete, or unclear.

What if I need immediate speaker support or help?

Join the San Diego Startups community Slack group here. Add the channel #sdsm2020_help_desk. We will have a Startup San Diego volunteer overseeing this channel throughout the month to support speakers with live support and assistance. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible!

Don't forget to review the following Run the World resources in advance of your session:

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Getting Involved

I am a current paid Startup Week registrant – will my ticket apply to the fall Startup Month event?

Yes! Startup Week pivoted to Startup Month, therefore, all current registered attendees who purchased conference tickets earlier this year will be automatically applied to the new event date, October 1 - 30, 2020. For further questions, email info@startupsd.org

How do I apply for LinkedIn Teardown sessions?

These will be held throughout October. All you need to do is show up to the live session! The host will pick attendees from the audience for live feedback on your LinkedIn profile.

How do I apply for the pitch feedback show?

The application can be found here, and submissions are due by September 30.

How do I apply for the Startup Month Incubator?

The application can be found here, and submissions are due by September 30.

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Getting More Info

What if I have another question?

You can submit your question at the bottom of the page. For a more immediate answer, please email us at info@startupsd.org. We are a volunteer-run organization and will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

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