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How do I add a session to my calendar?

If you’d like to sync the month’s schedule to your calendar, see Step 2 on our How it Works Page.

What do I need to attend?

Purchase your ticket! You’ll then need to create an account on our events app, Run the World, in order to attend most content experiences. Use the same email address you used to purchase your ticket in eventbrite to create your account and then sign in.

The Startup Month Kick-off, the Inventors & Investors Pitch Competition, the Career Incubator Day, and Startup Month Closing Day will all start in the Run the World Platform!

The Kickoff Party, certain social experiences, and the Closing Party, will take place in VirBELA. You’ll need to download and install VirBELA on your desktop. We recommend setting up your account the day before the event. At minimum about 30 minutes before showtime. See step 4 of the How it Works page. You’ll be able to customize your avatar and explore the immersive world.

Where can I find the live stream link for each event?

Head to the schedule here and click on the session for more details. Then, click the "Video Link" button for that session. This should open Run the World and prompt you to sign-in with your login credentials. You can also go to our Run the World event page in either the web app or mobile app, scroll to the desired session and click “Join.”

Where can I find the schedule?

You can find the schedule for the entire month here. If you’d like to sync the month’s schedule to your calendar, see Step 2 on our How it Works Page.

Why do you charge for this event?

Startup San Diego is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-run organization. We rely on the community to help support overhead, including technology to support not only this event, but events throughout the year. Your #SDSM2020 event ticket helps support networking, workshops, and community-building events for 2021 and beyond.

Why Startup Month and what should I expect?

The Pandemic new WFH normal has really shaken up every facet of our daily lives! In this new normal, work-life-balance seems like a completely foreign concept and yes, the Zoom fatigue is so real. Re-imagining Startup Week virtually amidst a global pandemic meant taking all of this into consideration. We will be having Startup Month from October 1 - 30, 2020 which will deliver a month's worth of content, experiences, and most importantly community in a very intentional and palatable way! You'll be able to enjoy all that the conference has to offer without sacrificing extensive working hours or precious quality family time. We'll be sharing more information on the specifics over the coming weeks, but know that we are committed to bringing to life the magic you all know and love in a virtual format. Know that we are focused on intentional event design and that we are thinking outside of the box, truly letting our imaginations run wild. #SDSM2020 is sure to be one for the books!

I am a current paid Startup Week registrant – will my ticket apply to the fall Startup Month event?

Yes! Startup Week pivoted to Startup Month, therefore, all current registered attendees who purchased conference tickets earlier this year will be automatically applied to the new event date, October 1 - 30, 2020. For further questions, email

I purchased a VIP ticket. What can I expect?

Thank you! We have several virtual and physical surprises for you all October long. We will be in touch via email soon.

Are the sessions recorded? How do I access them?

Yes! All sessions are automatically recorded by the Run the World platform. Step #1 - Login to your Run the World account. You will land in your organizer dashboard. Step #2 - Once logged in/in your dashboard, select "Attendee Center" on the control panel on the left. You should see San Diego Startup Month under your "Ongoing Events." Step #3 - Select the "Go to Event" button on the event listing. Step #4 - Scroll to the bottom of the agenda to "Your Past Talks" to find the talk/session you're interested in. You can also hit command F for a quick search of the talk. Step #5 - Once you've found the talk/session of interest click the "Playback" button.

I heard there's a Run the World mobile app, should I download it?

YES! We highly encourage attendees download the mobile app to have access to the full agenda, sessions, speakers, and other 800+ attendees at Startup Month at your finger tips. You'll be able to join all Startup Month sessions, participate in the chat, individual session threads, and search/connect/chat/meet with other Startup Month attendees. You can also record your video handshake to be able to share with other conference attendees throughout the month.

I'm in Run the World, but I don't see the event? What do I do?

When you login, you will land in your organizer dashboard. Step #1 - From your dashboard, select "Attendee Center" on the control panel on the left. You should see the San Diego Startup Month event under your "Ongoing Events." Step #2 - Select the "Go to Event" button on the event listing. Step #3 - Scroll through the agenda to find the talk/session you're interested in and select the "Join Stream" button.

Can I get a refund on my ticket after October 1st?

Over the course of the pandemic uncertainty we worked very closely to support original Startup Week ticket holders who were severely impacted by Covid-19. Unfortunately, once Startup Month kicks off on October 1st, Startup San Diego will not be able to process refund requests. For more information please email

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