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Why was my talk not chosen?

Thank you for applying to speak at Startup Month. We received over 400 submissions and had many qualified talks, but we could not select all of them. While community voting was involved to support this years selection process, it was not the only criteria used to inform the final selection. Some factors why a talk may not have been chosen include:

  • The session talk felt more like sales pitch rather than sharing information with the community
  • More than one speaker applied to speak on the topic, and we could only select one
  • The session talk did not align with our event tracks
  • The session talks did not reflect San Diego’s diverse community
  • The submission was vague, incomplete, or unclear.

How do I add a session to my calendar?

If you’d like to sync the month’s schedule to your calendar, see Step 2 on our How it Works Page.

Do I have to attend all the SDSM workshops and sessions?

Nope! You are welcome to attend as many sessions (or as few) as you like! We recommend that you pick the track that's right for you and check out the schedule.

If I miss a session, will a video recording be available to me?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded by Fondi and will be available for replays.

Can I watch it in the background?

Yes! Sessions will be held virtually so you can watch intently or in the background. Recordings will be available for your convenience.

Do I need to use the Template Presentation provided by Startup San Diego?

Yes, the provided branded Presentation Templateis required for all general content speakers. Find the presentation, speakergrams and marketing materials here.

If I am a speaker how do I prepare for my session/workshop?

Make sure to watch the SDSM Speaker orientation videos to get familiar with Fondi and set up:

How to Set up Fondi

Step #1 > Click this link: https://app.getfondi.com/register/san-diego-startup-month-2021/e2613746-c092-4061-8513-a7ae21e3efc7. You'll be prompted to login or register - select login and enter the same email address that you used to purchase your ticket on Eventbrite.

Step #2 > It will confirm your email address by sending you an email to access the platform. Check your inbox and open the email and

Step #3 > Click the "Access Event" button!

What can I expect if I'm tabling for the Startup Fair?

The Startup Fair will be happening at Downtown Works Carlsbad from 5 -  8 pm PDT. Startup Fair tables are 5'x30" and will be covered in black linens. Signage, banners, promotional materials, and giveaways are welcome. Alcohol is not permitted. We are following COVID guidelines, mask are recommended indoors, and outdoors mask will not be required. If you have any questions you can email us at: info@startupsd.org

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