As A Startup, You Have More Than One "Target Audience"

As A Startup, You Have More Than One "Target Audience"


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Knowing how to split your time between many different jobs is often a very hard thing to figure out as a member of a small team in an early-stage startup. If you are tasked with marketing, it can be very hard to know where to start or what is most important. Do I create an amazing website? How about an explainer video of my product? Furthermore, who am I marketing to? Investors? Clients? Users? Future Employees? Strategic Partners? Usually, its a mix of all of them and marketing to them uniquely is very important since they are all looking to you for different things. Knowing that your target audience(s) are unique from each other allows you to narrow down what to do differently for each of them. Knowing what they want tells you what to do first.Beyond what is different... What should be the same for each of them? What kinds of things should look and feel the same across the board no matter whose looking? These are things like your vision, culture, brand, and ultimately design.



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