Born Global: From Ideas to International Impact

Born Global: From Ideas to International Impact


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Forget starting small. If you want to jump make it a big jump. Discover how the right products or services, and strategic application of the abundant tools available today, can build a world class organization - right from your garage. Fred challenges startups to take full advantage of technology, global drop shipping, internationally known influencers, the best and brightest contractors in the world, and automation tools that give you a big presence - a small organization can make an international impact. Why rule your neighborhood when you can rule the globe?As Fred shares successes and failures he offers invaluable wisdom gained along way. Entrepreneurs will walk away with little known traps to avoid and the growth hacks to give their business the edge. This priceless presentation needs to be heard by the scores of entrepreneurs who work tirelessly towards making their visions a reality and make a great impact.



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San Diego Startup Week will be at the Convention Center
May 26th - May 30th, 2020

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