Challenge Accepted: Being diverse & inclusive as a startup

Challenge Accepted: Being diverse & inclusive as a startup


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It is now clear that diversity is crucial for businesses to gain new perspectives, build a welcoming culture, and develop high performing teams. Building a diverse company workforce from the foundation sets the tone for future hiring goals. In the STEM world where white male students earn a majority of engineering degrees, how do you reach diverse candidates as a small startup? Internships that might not seem feasible from a financial standpoint have a lot of value for building company culture. You start developing brand awareness and loyalty, and employees get to start managing others and learning how to develop a culture for new employees. Internships also offer a great opportunity to reach more diverse candidates. This talk will review an engineering intern hire case study that increased company diversity by 20%.



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San Diego Startup Week will be at the Convention Center
May 26th - May 30th, 2020

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