Directing Your Startup Team

Directing Your Startup Team


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The show must go on! That is as true in a startup as it is in the theatre. Before I transitioned my career into the startup world, I spent over a decade producing and directing in the entertainment industry. Little did I know that those years were only preparing me for what it meant to manage a truly collaborate and efficient startup team. In the entertainment industry, it is the director's job to make sure that everyone is doing their job under intense time pressure and collaboratively working across departments to cohesively tell the same story. What I found was the job of a tech startup CEO required the same coordination of departments, the same balancing of egos, and the same desire to empower every team member. This talk will walk through the skills needed to create such an organization and put a different perspective on managing a highly effective team.



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San Diego Startup Week will be at the Convention Center
May 26th - May 30th, 2020

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