Growing a local engineering team in a highly competitive market

Growing a local engineering team in a highly competitive market


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If you're trying to build- and grow an engineering team today, you're probably having a difficult time attracting local talent. Although there are plenty of amazing career switchers (self-taught / code school) who'd love to work with you, you're probably not giving them much of a chance, instead waiting for them to have the magical 2 years of experience. Over the past year, almost half of our new hires have never had a real developer job before. We've made learning- and growing together part of our team's DNA, and structured the way we plan, assign, and execute projects, in a way that makes it safe and effective for very junior engineers to contribute. In their first year, they get to work on different parts of our platform, so they can figure out what they love doing and what they're great at, and finally make the next leap in their career. In this session we'll share what works for us, and hope it'll help you build an amazing engineering team.



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