How Blockchain will Make the Internet Free Again

How Blockchain will Make the Internet Free Again


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A crisis is brewing that threatens freedom of the internet - Technologists like Bill Gates advocate for regulation. Congressman Nunes is suing twitter and Congresswoman Gabbard is suing Google - both for suppression of free speech. Deep fake videos threaten a fair election in 2020. These problems are due to the walled garden model. The web has become monopolized by walled garden platforms that control the infrastructure. The solution is an fully decentralized specification for indexing and distribution. Think of it like a library, the blockchain is like the card catalogue, it stores metadata about the information. Distribution networks like IPFS & BiTTorrent are like the library shelves where the information is kept. “This is thrilling! I’ve been saying for a long time we need to find a way to get money to artists, directly. This seems to be a really good contender for the way to do it!”-Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the WorldWideWeb



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