How to Take a Vacation Without Everything Going to Sh!t

How to Take a Vacation Without Everything Going to Sh!t


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When was the last time...- You went on vacation without your laptop?- Shit hit the fan because you weren’t there to supervise?- You thought, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself?”It doesn’t have to be this way.What could your startup become if you had a smart, capable, reliable team? How would your business grow if you didn’t need to supervise every detail of the work?It’s not magic. Take an hour this week to learn some new approaches and simple tools for effectively communicating tasks to your team, holding them accountable for executing, and increasing everyone’s output without adding more hours to your already packed days.You should be able to take a vacation. They should be able to work without you checking up on them. Level up your management so that you can level up your company AND get a good night’s sleep.



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