If we build it, they will come. And other lies.

If we build it, they will come. And other lies.


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Think a PR agency isn’t worth the investment for your startup? Think again! While looking into services that don't directly impact your bottom line might sound daunting, PR is a powerful tool that boosts visibility and establishes credibility as a brand. In turn, deploying a PR campaign will solidify your company's message and get it out to the core audiences you're targeting, including potential employees, partners, customers and investors. Telling the world about your amazing brand is great, yet what's priceless is the value you receive when others tell the world how great your brand is - this encompasses the power of PR. This presentation will showcase the tangible success an early stage startup has seen from working with a PR firm for over two years, with insight from both parties, and share advice for other founders and executive teams to consider a PR campaign of their own this year.



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