Know your customer and your buyer - They might not be the same

Know your customer and your buyer - They might not be the same


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The best product does not sell if no one has heard of it. Especially if your ideal customer has never heard of it. Marketing is a key element to today's business and the importance of knowing who your customer is, cannot be emphasized enough.Sometimes, your customer is not necessarily the one who is actually buying your product though, which makes things even more difficult.In this complex sales world, you have to address both. Your customer and the buyer. Even if they might be the same person, they use different reasons to interact with your product and service. You have to cater to the user as well as the decision maker.In this session you will learn on a consumer product case studies, how some companies succeed and how other struggle with this challenging task and how you can identify your ideal customer and your target market for your company and products.



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