Leverage your data to help predict the future

Leverage your data to help predict the future


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Not all data is created equal and identifying the MOST critical data will enhance the decision-making process. Businesses can create an unfair advantage by doing a few simple things to turn data into information. Most organizations do nothing with the data available OR identify too many “Key” Performance Indicators, (often called KPI’s) to track. What are your three most important data points? YIn this workshop, you will answer that question and also determine: 1. What results are most important in your business2. What behaviors or actions will influence that result 3. Leading indicators to give you early notice of whether you're on track to hit your goalsThis workshop is ideal for new businesses starting to utilize available data, as well as growing companies re-assessing the vital indicators. You will leave with a clear focus on the results you’re trying to achieve and the data you can use to predict whether you’re doing the right things to get your desired results.



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