Marketing strategies don't work if your content sucks.

Marketing strategies don't work if your content sucks.


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In 2020, entrepreneurs who create their own content will see the biggest returns on social media and email. Outsourcing your social media posts and email writing doesn't work. -> Outsourcing creates generic, boring online content. -> Outsourcing creates a bunch of content that someone else could have written (and probably written better). If you're a founding entrepreneur, you can verbalize the mission and vision of the company in a way no one else can. That is - if you know how to. In this workshop designed for founding entrepreneurs, I will share-> the benefits of writing for your business as yourself, not as "your brand."-> my system for writing articles that stand out among the deafening noise of blog posts, Business Insider /Inc./Forbes articles, and social media.-> why you should throw out your content calendar - and what to use instead to seize audience attention. -> where to start if you don't consider yourself a writer, or if you're rusty.



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