Online Marketing Essentials for Startup Growth Hacking

Online Marketing Essentials for Startup Growth Hacking


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You could be a great content creator and have a great startup business. But you could be totally missing the mark with your online marketing. If you're ready to engage your target market and get more people to take action and share your product/service with their networks, then it's time for a marketing checkup to diagnose the cause and put in place a growth oriented marketing strategy. In this session, entrepreneurs will learn how to: 1) Grow their visibility and become known as an industry leader2) Think like a customer attraction marketing master3) Reveal the single most important key to getting more engagement4) Identify the common mistakes entrepreneurs make that costs them visibility on social media5) Build the ultimate social selling system



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San Diego Startup Week will be at the Convention Center
May 26th - May 30th, 2020

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