The UX Flywheel: How UX strategy enables effective marketing teams

The UX Flywheel: How UX strategy enables effective marketing teams


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People are sick of companies marketing to them but adore certain brands. People only read headlines and tweets but binge watch entire seasons of their favorite shows on Netflix.  What makes the difference? It’s user experience (UX). The UX Flywheel is an alternative to the marketing funnel which puts the user at the center of every activity and prescribes specific UX methods to help you understand what customers want (deep down inside), how to earn their trust, and why they make specific choices. Unlike the traditional marketing funnel, the UX Flywheel is an iterative approach. It helps teams everyone on the marketing prioritize and evaluate their work. It's useful to marketers, designers, writers, and anyone else who wants to create world-class experiences. This session has four parts: - Definition of strategy - Introduction to the UX Flywheel- Case studies- Audience Q&A By the end of this session, you’ll understand how UX strategy enables effective marketing teams.



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