Unleash Your Branding Brilliance to Attract Your Next Level Clients

Unleash Your Branding Brilliance to Attract Your Next Level Clients


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Your personal brand is the promise of an experience -- it’s the way you tell the world who you are and what you do. Done well, your brand can position you as relatable and memorable, and most importantly: result in more clients, opportunities, and influence. Harness the power of your brand in order to captivate and engage your ideal clients.During this workshop, you will learn how to … > Get clear on your brand> Connect your vision, voice and visuals to create a strong personal brand> Establish a strategy to bring your branding brilliance to your tribeWorkshop attendees will walk away with: 1) clarity on your branding language (the WORDS to use in your marketing and during in-person networking). 2) an understanding how you want to be SEEN by your tribe3) a specific RECIPE of PHOTOS to use in your marketing arsenalYou can see an example of the "Brand Planning Guide" workbook by visiting www.marcybrowe.com



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