What Holding a Chicken Teaches us About Automation

What Holding a Chicken Teaches us About Automation


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In 2018 that average amount of sales touches that the average prospect received was 9.1 (that number having doubled since 2010)Clutter and noise has become the ultimate competitor across all industries leaving sales organizations no choice but to clumsily automation tools to race through large lead lists and hope to get lucky.In this session, Daniel will expose where the pendulum is quietly swinging in the automation world and how you can prepare for it using some of the oldest rules in the playbook.Bring something to take notes on as the following will be covered:1. How to think about prospects through a new lens2. What tools and tricks you can use to stand out in an inbox and more3. What metrics really count in automated selling4. Live examples of relationship-based funnels that you can roll out as soon as you get back to the office



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